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12 Best WordPress Themes (Multipurpose) – Comparison Table

Carlos Pinho
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One major challenge that any user faces, especially new bloggers or freelancers is when it comes to choosing the right theme or template for your WordPress blog. The number of WordPress themes being launched is getting frenetic, and the choices are infinite. Every single theme author advertises several features and capabilities, premium add-on offers, integrations and a lot more. This why, we bring you the Best WordPress Themes Comparison table, so you can see the main differences between each other.

The Multipurpose WordPress themes are great options to any user as it gives the ability to customize in an easy and fast way, and a long range of additional options not available in other themes which made this kind of themes very popular among the community.

This detailed description it is more than welcome to a potential buyer, but at the same time, it gets him confused with so many information and most times very similar to other.

Therefore, we feel it is important to help you to decide what is the best theme for your next blog, website, client or any other use you might give to it. This is one of the most extensive and detailed comparisons made about WordPress themes.We are going to publish regularly, a review on the 12 Best Multipurpose WordPress themes, and in the last day, we will disclose the comparison table with all WordPress Themes.

In each WordPress Theme review, you will be able to see how it ranks in each category and the pros and cons we have found about the theme compared with other WordPress themes available in the market.

If you are new to WordPress, you might find useful to read first about installing WordPress on your new hosting, or on your own PC and how to install WordPress themes, so you have are ready to go straight and get any of these Premium Themes.

Another question you should attend before buying any of these themes or as a general rule is related to a number of resources need to have it running smoothly. Usually, these themes require a bit more CPU and memory usage than the regular or single purpose themes. This means that you might face some challenges to install and have these themes running fine if you are using shared hosting services. Most parts of them have restrictions due to security measures or just to balance the server performance. Access to php.ini is usually denied and most part of the times, changing htaccess file will return a general failure of the website (500 page).

So, we strongly suggest that before you buy any theme, you look first to the resources your hosting provides. If it is not good, then suggest you look to a new service. If you just want to deploy the theme and start using it immediately, we suggest WP Engine, which is a Premium WordPress Manage Hosting. You will get all you need, and even has an exclusive migration tool which let you get all your stuff in the old hosting in a smooth way. You can take advantage from their campaign to have 4 free months in the first year using the coupon code independence2017.

If you intend to develop some scripts or install additional tools within your hosting than a non-managed hosting would be better. Especially if its scalable, this is, you can change the hosting resources depending on your needs. Our recommendation goes to Digital Ocean, a cloud hosting service with very low prices and a very good service. In fact, this is the service we are using, after a very bad experience with Site5 shared hosting. So we know by experience what we are talking about. You can even check their tutorials for almost any script you want. You can get a USD 10 credit, using the coupon code ACTIVATE10.

If you just want to jump to the Best WordPress Themes Rank table you can do it so.

In order to compare all the themes, we have split it into 5 categories:

  • Price

  • Speed

  • Customization

  • Integration

  • Features

How have we calculated the results?

The five categories are equally balanced, concurring with 20% each, for the Overall Result.


The price index is the result of the cost of the theme vs the value of the free premium plugins included on that theme multiplied by an x value weighting and then compared with the highest ranking theme (represented by 100%) in this category.


The sum of the result obtained on Google PageSpeed in the mobile and desktop version, split by 2, so we get the average speed of both, multiplied by an x value weighting and then compared with the highest ranking theme (represented by 100%) in this category. The speed test was made on the main demo, or the very first available demo. Not the advertisement website or landing website.


We have checked 19 points, such as drag-n-drop ability, front-end and back-end editing ability, header customization, the number of post types, blog styles, number and value of premium plugin included and elements among other points.

Each of those points is multiplied by an x value weighting and then the sum of it, compared with the highest ranking theme (represented by 100%) in this category.


In this category, we have checked whether the theme comes with integration or was built to be fully compatible with certain services/plugins.

In total, we have checked 13 points, like GoogleMaps, WooCommerce, BbPress, Buddypress, Discourse, the number of Icon Sets or Fonts, Apple Live Photo, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, TablePress, Typekit, Google Fonts.

Like in the customization category, each of those points is multiplied by an x value weighting and then the sum of it, compared with the highest ranking theme (represented by 100%) in this category.

Other Features

We have included in this category other features or capabilities, such as, SEO optimization, Responsiveness, Mobile Ready, Retina Ready, Parallax, Translation Ready, the number of Custom Widgets, Custom CSS and JS, Live Search, Maintenance Mode, Ad System, Child Theme and the number of demos/sites ready to be imported.

Again, each of those points is multiplied by an x value weighting and then the sum of it, compared with the highest ranking theme (represented by 100%) in this category.


Avada a disappointment

Avada WordPress Theme

First, we were amazed to see that the most popular WordPress Theme of the moment, Avada, is the on #12. This was really disappointing. In 3 out of 5, Avada ranks really low. Not sure why this is te most popular theme of the time.

Salient and Bridge – Powerfull Themes

Salient WordPress Theme

Bridge WordPress Theme

The ones going a bit out of the box, like Salient or Bridge, have been able to provide a bit more than the usual and gave an important help to rank better.

X | The Theme

X Theme WordPress Theme

In terms of price, X | The Theme is by far the best for what you are paying and what you get. Mostly because of the outstanding bundle of premium themes that comes with. Besides, has a good level of integrations and is not bad on speed.

Folie – Surprisingly brilliant

Folie WordPress Theme

But the most surprising result was about Folie. A new theme (Jun 2017) with great Google PageSpeed results. Besides, it has an above average set of integrations. Although, it lacks on Premium Addons, which for some users, is a must. It comes with several unique integrations and features, which is a plus and differentiation factor from all the other. Guess that Folie will become soon one of the most popular multipurpose themes for WordPress.

In Sum

Mobile PageSpeed is something that Themes Author’s are not bearing in mind, and this might hurt sales in the near future since clients are more and more focus on the mobile market.

In the good side, we could realize a trend in some authors deploying efforts to reduce themes size and consequently performance which is a good signal.

Overall, Theme Author’s could introduce more features in their products, to respond to the new trends without having the need to install plugins which most of the times, reduce the performance of the themes. Integration should also be improved as is a major point of differentiation as most of them offer the same kind of experience.

WordPress Themes Rank – Comparison Table


By Categories

X Theme WordPress Theme100,00%Read Review
The7 WordPress Theme35,60%Read Review
Uncode WordPress Theme29,40%Read Review
Folie WordPress Theme29,00%Read Review
Stack WordPress Theme28,50%Read Review
Jupiter WordPress Theme28,00%Read Review
Bridge WordPress Theme26,80%Read Review
Salient WordPress Theme24,40%Read Review
TheGem WordPress Theme24,40%Read Review
BeTheme WordPress Theme23,30%Read Review
Impreza WordPress Theme20,90%Read Review

Avada WordPress Theme14,60%Read Review

Bridge WordPress Theme100,00%Read Review
Salient WordPress Theme100,00%Read Review
Folie WordPress Theme92,90%Read Review
TheGem WordPress Theme92,90%Read Review
Impreza WordPress Theme92,90%Read Review

X Theme WordPress Theme92,90%Read Review
BeTheme WordPress Theme85,70%Read Review
Uncode WordPress Theme78,60%Read Review
The7 WordPress Theme71,40%Read Review
Jupiter WordPress Theme71,40%Read Review
Avada WordPress Theme71,40%Read Review
Stack WordPress Theme64,30%Read Review

ThemeOther FeaturesReview
BeTheme WordPress Theme100,00%Read Review
Bridge WordPress Theme78,80%Read Review
Jupiter WordPress Theme64,60%Read Review
Stack WordPress Theme59,60%Read Review
Salient WordPress Theme58,90%Read Review
TheGem WordPress Theme39,10%Read Review
The7 WordPress Theme25,50%Read Review
Uncode WordPress Theme21,90%Read Review
X Theme WordPress Theme20,90%Read Review

Avada WordPress Theme20,20%Read Review
Folie WordPress Theme14,60%Read Review
Impreza WordPress Theme14,20%Read Review

ThemePriceSpeedCustomizationIntegrationOther FeaturesReview
X Theme WordPress Theme100,00%83,20%100,00%92,90%20,90%Read Review
The7 WordPress Theme47,40%89,20%35,60%71,40%25,50%Read Review
Folie WordPress Theme39,00%100,00%29,00%92,90%14,60%Read Review
Stack WordPress Theme36,10%59,30%28,50%64,30%59,60%Read Review
Uncode WordPress Theme25,20%65,30%29,40%78,60%21,90%Read Review
Jupiter WordPress Theme22,20%85,00%28,00%71,40%64,60%Read Review
Bridge WordPress Theme21,60%92,20%26,80%100,00%78,80%Read Review
Salient WordPress Theme19,50%91,00%24,40%100,00%58,90%Read Review
BeTheme WordPress Theme17,30%98,80%23,30%85,70%100,00%Read Review
TheGem WordPress Theme17,30%93,40%24,40%92,90%39,10%Read Review
Impreza WordPress Theme17,30%95,80%20,90%92,90%14,20%Read Review

Avada WordPress Theme9,90%89,80%14,60%71,40%20,20%Read Review


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