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3 Great Tutorials about Papervision 3D

Carlos Pinho
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3 Great Tutorials on Papervision 3D at, that introduce you to one of the most promissory Flash Tools at the moment.

See following links to download the tutorials and support files:

  1. Introduction to Papervision – In the first part of this tutorial the author will introduce you to the basics of the Papervision component and how to set up and manipulate a basic model;
  2. Introduction to Papervision3D – In the second part of this tutorial, Paul Wyatt further explores the interactive options of the real-time 3D Papervision3D component and shows you how to produce a COLLADA file;
  3. Mapping textures for use in PaperVision – Paul Wyatt show how to use 3ds max to create a mapped texture for a 3D model which we’ll then apply and bring into Flash with Papervision.

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