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Adobe Photoshop Express|beta – Released

Carlos Pinho
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Adobe Photoshop Express|beta

I’ve just experimented the release of Adobe Photoshop Beta. It’s is really great. Anyone can retouch own photos and no pro skill is needed. The PS Extended can be used in several ways, depending on user needs. You can use it as an online library, or like your image server in order to embed the images onto your blog or site, or even to modify and retouch your pics.

Adobe Photoshop Express|beta 2

The Adobe Photoshop Express it’s a mix between the Picassa and Flickr. As you are able to modify your images and build a public gallery. In order to start with Adobe Photoshop Express, you need to upload some images. The interface is very appellative, so no difficulties to perform this or other actions. You choose the images you want to upload and server will upload them at once.

Adobe Photoshop Express|beta 3

After uploading the images you will see that you can perform some actions on each one, like downloading them back, copy embed code, or simply sending it by e-mail. You can also rate or give a caption to each of your pics.

Adobe Photoshop Express|beta 4

Adobe Photoshop Express|beta 5

At this point you are also able to edit your picture. And here, the PS Express offers a large number of tools, from the red-eye removal to the distort tool.

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