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Adobe technology platform ActionScript reference for RIA development

Carlos Pinho
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This ActionScript reference for rich Internet application development provides an alphabetical reference for all native ActionScript APIs for the Adobe technology platform runtimes: Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR—as well as the Adobe Flex framework APIs. Use this guide both as an API reference and a tool to learn about the ActionScript APIs available within the runtimes.

Download the guide:

The Adobe technology platform contains two primary runtimes (see Figure 1). Flash Player is browser-based, and Adobe AIR is desktop-based. Because Adobe AIR is built on top of Flash Player, the Flash Player APIs are available within Adobe AIR. Consequently, Adobe AIR APIs are not available within Flash Player. The Flex framework is built on top of the Flash Player APIs, so it runs in both Flash Player and Adobe AIR. However, a number of Flex APIs take advantage of AIR APIs, and thus work only within Adobe AIR.

Adobe technology platform for RIAs

Figure 1. Adobe technology platform for RIAs

Using this guide

Simply leaf through the guide, using the class/interface name as a reference, to find the item you are looking for. All of the classes appear in alphabetical order.

Each entry contains the complete API reference for that item, including name, type (class or interface), package name, superclass, interfaces implemented, as well as a complete API listing, including static and instance properties and methods (see Figure 2).

Class/interface entry format

Figure 2. Class/interface entry format


To make the most of this reference guide, download the latest version of the free Adobe runtimes and frameworks.

Adobe AIR

Flash Player

Flex Builder 3 (contains the free Flex 3 SDK)

Where to go from here

If you still need to find more information about an API, you can either look at the API for the subclass of the item in the reference guide, or look up the API in the online documentation:

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