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Adobe’s AMP and Video Advertisement

Carlos Pinho
By | 2008-04-10T10:07:35+00:00 Apr 10, 2008|Old Posts|

The Adobe Media Player has been released yesterday. Personally, i already tried the beta version in the past, so there was not much to try new in this final release.

Although, there are two pertinent features i would like mentioned. One about the content that comes with the AMP, which unveils some kind of TV “school” with lot’s of educative channels, like or Photoshop Users TV. This kind of content will for sure helping the acceptability of major users, as none of the other video on demand providers like Joost offers this kind of channels. Meantime, Adobe could think in create their own channels and provide their own free video content to the developers / designers community.

Now about the second one, Adobe developed an advertisement partnership with some companies that will enabled the video publishers to monetize their content. So, i will expect that people instead of publishing their tutorials on youtube, will now start using AMP to show their content.

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