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AS3 | Actionscript 3 Classes

Carlos Pinho
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Here is another post full of new AS3 classes, you cn use in your own projects.

Pixelator – Transition effect

A class that take two displayobjects and create a transition between the both

GraphicsUtil – A Utility Class for Drawing Arrows

Actionscript class for drawing arrows.


  • com.jR.Drawing.Base
  • com.jR.Drawing.Ellipse
  • com.jR.Drawing.Polygon
  • com.jR.Drawing.Rectangle
  • com.jR.Drawing.Triangle
  • – FullScreen Object Resize Class

    The NpFSObjectResize Class is a fairly simple ActionScript 3 class for displaying any DisplayObject at fullScreen (fullBrowser) screen dimensions.

    Contextual Menu Manager Class

    Simple ActionScript 3 class for creating and interacting with Contextual Menus.

    Flexible Layout Class

    The NpFlexLayout Class is designed to simplify aligning DisplayObjects to stage dimensions and responding to changes in stage dimensions at run time by a user or between different users.

    Cookie class

    Enables You to Read, Write, and Edit Shared Objects on the User’s Hard Disk.


    Little package to read and write Excel files


    Manage repetitive or single tasks in the future using a cron task syntax

    Active Window Blur

    SliderUI v1.51

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      you can also try this little library I have hosted on Google Code:

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      i have my final project in university: the project is to build a site throught flash i want to create many usernames and password. And when i enter to my user name i wanna choose another user name to chat a video chat with my voice. so plz can anybody help me ??

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