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ASAP – Another Useful Flash Framework

Carlos Pinho
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ASAP Framework

I’ve posted about the Gaia Framework, which saves us time when making full flash sites. Now it’s time to post about another free flash framework, the ASAP. This Flash Framework contemplate several classes that can help us, although i would like to point out that even though ASAP team released some of the code in AS3, some classes are still missing.

Here are some them:

Because we often create multi-movie projects, these 2 classes are indispensable:

  • LocalController: The LocalController functions as controller for everything that happens locally. For other movies, it functions as a Facade, hiding implementation of details.
  • MovieManager: handles administration, loading and retrieving of separate SWF movies.

See Movie Management to see how LocalController and MovieManager interact, and Simple Application Demo to see this in action.

  • Loader: loads SWF movies or JPEG images into a clip. Multiple/subsequent movies that are added are queued. This allows to calculate the total size of the stream.
  • EventButton: will automatically make the nearest LocalController listen to its events. This is so basic that most ASAP buttons are based on EventButton. See also: Simple Demo.
  • ActionQueue: scripted animation and function flow class. ActionQueue stores and runs a series of functions/methods one after the other. You can call local functions, object methods and special movieclip control methods, such as timed “fade”, “move” or “pulse” functions. See ActionQueue Demos to see these in action.
  • SoundManager: provides a single access point to all sounds in a Flash project.
  • XMLLoader: to load XML files. More than three simulaneous calls are placed in a queue and loaded sequentially.
  • Dispatcher: provides event dispatching capabilities. Very basic, so quite a number of classes extend this base class.
  • EventLoadVars: extends LoadVars to send messages on onData and onLoad.
  • Form: to send form data from Flash to a server.
  • Validator: checks if its targets contain valid data.
  • KeyValueList: creates an ordered list of key value objects.
  • Enumerator: enumerators provide a simplified interface for looping over object collections.
  • TraverseArrayEnumerator: Enhanced array enumerator, with the option to loop. See Thumb Controller Demo.
  • TextFile2Array: creates an array from a simple text file.

To know more about ASAP and see some demos, click here.

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