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Awesome iPhone like stylish Flip animations – AS3 Components

Carlos Pinho
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Awesome iPhone like stylish Flip animations

I’ve checked today these Flip animations, and they are really awesome. The Jumpeye Components include 3 flip animation patterns: the Flip pattern (MCTEPatternFlip), the Flip Bars pattern with custom sized flipping bars (MCTEPatternFlipBars) and the Flip Square pattern that performs almost similar to the Square effects, but uses flipping animations (MCTEPatternFlipSquare).

Why should you buy these components? Cause they are awesome, have a professional look, they are design to fit your needs, and to well integrate your movie. Moreover, you save a lot of time by using them i/o to make similar, and you pay once, and can use forever in your projects.

Jumpeye Components

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