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Awesome Site with PV3D – WhiteVoid – but this is not a RIA

Carlos Pinho
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I found out this post reffering that was the most coolest RIA he ever seen. I totally disagree, not in the point that is really cool, but because we can’t say that WHITEvoid is a rich Internet application. There is a nice article by Lee Brimelow,
Flash is Not a Stepping Stone! where he mention about the RIA Terminology, which i will cote here just for reference, that explain why we can’t call to this kind of sites a Rich Internet Application:

Guess what? The vast majority of sites that show up on the FWA are not RIAs. So if you are targeting your career towards doing those kinds of experiences, don’t get caught up in the RIA hype. Rich Internet Applications, in my humble opinion, are things that look and behave more like desktop applications. This means that they make heavy use of component frameworks like Flex and they do so to the great benefit of their end users. Applications like Buzzword and Phoenix are pushing the envelope of what was traditionally thought possible in the browser, as well as on the desktop thanks to AIR. But these are applications and they should not be confused with the type of content that is put out by agencies like Big Spaceship and Red Interactive, where graphics, video, and animation take center stage. These are two different worlds, although there is of course some overlap.

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