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Cast3D an animation framework library for Adobe Flash in ActionScript3

Carlos Pinho
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Cast3D is 3D animation framework library for Adobe Flash in ActionScript3. The foundation is a multi key-framed geometrical animation. Cast3D supports geometry and texture morphing, skin animation, 3D sound, animated movie and video. A number of animation interpolation splines is implemented to provide smooth and natural motion, like Bezier, TCB, Hemite(cubic), Cosine and Linear.

Cast3D does not have it’s own rendering engine. So for 3D graphics rendering Cast3D currently is ported to popular 3D engines, Sandy3D and Papervision3D.

Cast3D has it own data file. It is an XML file, which contains information about 3D scene, abjects of a scene, materials, textures, lighting, sound, camera etc.. and motion. Those who are familiar with COLLADA format, may find some similarity of data types in both file formats, but Cast3D file is much thiner and contains only data it can process.

Know more about CAST3D.

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