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Components | 3D Environment

Carlos Pinho
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Components | 3D Environment

The weekly choice of Flash Components goes to the 3D Environment. This component allows you to build 3D interactive interfaces and environments in Flash. Built-in depth and perspective effects create the illusion of three dimensions. Customizable controls and full keyboard and mouse interactivity enable movement and rotation of the environment. Use simple graphic or movie clip symbols as well as external objects and animated movie clips. Requires no 3D modeling.

Some of the features of tis great component are:

  • Create realistic 3D environments with depth and perspective
  • Build unique interactive interfaces
  • Custom keyboard controls for users to navigate around the 3D environment
  • Mouse wheel support for navigation
  • Move objects in the environment with built-in tweening and customizable tween duration
  • Rotate the world around all three axes (x, y and z)
  • Camera controls for panning and zooming to change the perspective on the environment
  • Add objects through an intuitive user interface, external XML file or using flexible ActionScript controls
  • Built-in preloader for loading external files.
  • Use any movie clip in your library to display in your 3D environment
  • Full ActionScript API – including the ability to move the camera through ActionScript
  • Only 15Kb

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