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Components | 3D PIC TAIL

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Components | 3D PIC TAIL

In the previous components post i spoke about the last components of flashloaded, the 3D Wall. Today, i’m showing a very nice alternative, and cheaper (USD 8.00) of a 3D image gallery. This gallery is based on AS3 and PV3D, and works fine. One of the best feature is that uses the same technique as pic lens, to load images, i mean, as the gallery doens’t need to load all images before start, it works faster than 3D Wall. Although this one don’t offers the same customizable options as 3D Wall.

You can find more nice stock flash files at FlashDen

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  1. Spark May 29, 2008 at 1:14 am - Reply

    I found another version of this gallery on under Galleries & Slideshows.

    Greetings Spark!!!

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