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Components | Flipping Book

Carlos Pinho
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Today I present to you a product of one of our supporters, the Flipping Book. This Flash component is a great choice for publishing online documentation, and enables an interactive and fun experience for the user. After test it I can say you that the major point of this cool Flash component, is the simplicity with you can modify it’s settings as well as introduce the pages, considering it as well, a component for any user whether a pro or just a beginner. The component inspector allows you to modify a series of parameters like sound, scale content page, or even the kind of preloader to use and scale the shadows to make a point of emphasis more realistic.

Flipping Book Demo

Another possibility of using Flipping Book, is integrating it directly on the page of your site by using html. To do so, you simply need to modify, according to your needs, the parameters in an XML file. However, as the CMS are hot, because the ease with which is maintaining the site, the Flipping Book offers you another option which is a component for Joomla, for both versions 1.0.x, and 1.5.x

Flipping Book Component for Joomla

Now, one of the capabilities of this component that most seduces me is the ability to effectively integrate dynamic buttons, sound, video or better yet, providing truly another towards interactivity of the user experience.

Well, and now about the price, are only EUR 25. Attending the fact that we are talking about a component that accepts since Flash MX until CS3, and the capabilities that I’ve described above, in my opinion is quite nice price.

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