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Components | Partigen – Awesome Particle Effect Engine

Carlos Pinho
By | 2008-08-04T12:30:56+00:00 Aug 4, 2008|Old Posts|

Our supporters Flashloaded have just started to selling the Partigen component. Partigen is a great particle engine which we can use for creating awesome effects like smoke, snow, explosions, etc. In order to use it, Partigen comes with a easy to use interface, so you can customize your particles with simple clicks.

The Key Features are:

  • Includes over 80 built in interactive particle effects;
  • Dynamic on-the-fly configuration;
  • User friendly custom interface;
  • A library to save and load effects;
  • Save effects and share them with other users;
  • Comprehensive output system for easy debugging;
  • Fast compiling with no render delays;
  • Create your own custom movie clip based particles/emitters;
  • Over 19 methods, 5 events, and 77 properties;

Strengths – Render Time;

Weakness – AS2 only;

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Carlos Pinho
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