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Cool Flash Portofolio

Carlos Pinho
By | 2008-03-18T13:04:59+00:00 Mar 18, 2008|Old Posts|

Flash Portfolio

Today i’ve choose this nice portfolio from flashden. It’s very cool. With a nice interface, it provides a cool way to deliver video.


  • Fullscreen xml based Creative Flash Website Template for an elegant presentation
  • 4 fully customizable sections (home, services, portfolio and contact)
  • Fullscreen switching feature
  • The code is very well commented
  • Code is very centralized so you don’t have to look into nested timelines or dozens of actionscript files.
  • All fonts, actionscript class files are included with the source files
  • A .doc file is included explaining the xml file structure and how you can modify it and add/remove contents.

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Carlos Pinho
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