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Digicrafts released FotoTunnel CS – A PV3D Component

Carlos Pinho
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FotoTunnel CS - Flash Component

Our supporters Digicrafts have released today their last 3D Flash component. The FotoTunnel CS is a image gallery component powered by real-time 3D engine PaperVision3D. With several different kind of parameter, you can set an awesome image gallery in few steps. One of the best features in this component is the ability to use Photoshop, to export your photos to the Web Gallery, which reduces a lot the workflow time.

FotoTunnel CS

Some of the features of FotoTunnel CS are :

  • 3D Tunnel Style Ablum
  • No Action Script needed
  • Build album from Flickr and YouTube rss feeds (RSSĀ  2.0)
  • Build album from Photoshop Exported Photo Gallery
  • Support external video (flv)
  • Animation Popup effect
  • Mouse scroll by wheel and drag
  • Control by external UI
  • Custom thumbnail’s scale and dimensions
  • Custom tunnel dimensions and style
  • Custom number of thumbnails
  • Custom thumbnail’s distance
  • Skinable and customizable loader
  • Components Preset Manager
  • Full Action Script 3.0 API support
  • Flash CS3 compatible

Digicrafts made also available some tutorials which will help you to start working with FotoTunnel CS.

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