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Drupal 6.0 RC4 released

Carlos Pinho
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DrupalWe are proud to present the fourth release candidate of Drupal 6.0. Building on the extensive testing of the third release candidate, we have discovered and fixed a number of critical issues, including errors during search indexing in languages with accented characters, the display of unpublished content in menus and book outlines, and localized menu data being saved into the database. Thanks to the cooperation between the jQuery and Drupal communities, we have also updated the version of jQuery to be included with Drupal 6 to the latest 1.2.3 release. I want to publicly thank jQuery’s John Resig and his team for providing a new jQuery release in time for Drupal 6!Although I had hoped that the third release candidate would be our last before Drupal 6’s official release, our priority is to ensure that Drupal 6 is the fastest, most stable, and feature-filled version of Drupal yet. We’ve translated your experiences with the previous release candidates (including my own upgrade of into a number of bug fixes, and will be watching closely for any other last-minute issues. I’m again hopeful that this will be the final release candidate before the official release of Drupal 6.0.

The first beta announcement provided a comprehensive list of high level improvements made since Drupal 5.x, so this announcement will concentrate on how you can help ensure that Drupal 6 is released as soon as possible and is as rock solid as the previous Drupal releases that you’ve grown to love!

There are a number of modules already ported to Drupal 6. A list of already released updates is available on the modules page by selecting 6.x from the drop-down menu. For all other modules that don’t yet have 6.x compatible releases, keep your eye on the modules’ issue queues or on the Drupal 6.x contributed module status page to get an idea on the upgrade time-frame.

Status of some of the most well known modules: CCK has a Drupal 6 compatible development version available for testing purposes, and a beta release is expected to be available soon. A final, stable release will likely be delayed until a 6.x release of Views is ready for testing (more status information). Views is undergoing major changes, and will likely not be ready for testing before the beginning of March at the earliest. has not been upgraded to the latest Drupal 6 development version since some contributed module dependencies are not yet ready. The biggest obstacles to getting updated are the 6.x updates for project module, and image module. Project module has also been making changes that will make it dependent on Views for some functionality.

If you are a module maintainer, now is the time to work on the update to Drupal 6! Read on for more details.

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