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Extension Manager CS4 Feature/Bug?

Carlos Pinho
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This week, try to play with the new Adobe Flash CS4. After trying the new features, such as new bone system, 3d object, motion mixer etc. Amazing, the new version seem to have much improve on the authoring.

After the new features, i am trying to get the new version into my daily workflow. Then, i need to install some extension which i often use. But i stucked. I can’t find the components after installation. All components appear on the Extension Manager after install. But, after starting Flash CS4, i can’t find the components.

Why? After a free hour of investigation, i found that the extensions are installed but in a wrong directory. Extension Manager will copy the extension to the configure folder inside my doc. But, when i am running a English CS4 with a non-English system. It will copy the extension into a language folder with same language of the system and not the English language folder. P.S. i am working with a windows XP, i havn’t test if it happen in OSX.

I don’t know if it is a bug or a “feature” of the new Extension Manager.

To overcome this. I change the language of Extension Manger by:

1. Right click on the Extension Manger CS4 shortcut in the program folder. Open the preference.

2. Add the -locale lang=”en_US” after the command call to “……Adobe Extension Manager CS4.exe”

Hope this tips help.

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