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Facebook seeks new creators

Carlos Pinho
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FacebookThe founder of Facebook created a premium in the amount of 250 thousand US dollars open to companies and individuals who can create “original and innovative programs” to the site. Already there are about 4 thousand small programs covered by the social networking site for, including “gifts” digital, games and music.

Applications can be added to the profile of a user and have been proved to be extremely popular in the four months that elapsed since the creators were allowed to develop them.

Faced with the current 41 million users of the site, the founder Mark Zuckerberg hopes that the new scheme fbFund still further the growth of Facebook. “Any creator of applications can submit their work and proposal for a small business,” comments. “If we find that the project is good, we do a payment between 25 thousand and 250 thousand US dollars.” The only restriction is that companies may not have previously received any capital investment. Any business that make money with this scheme makes it the fund lost. However, the opportunity to invest in any company of success to emerge as a result. “This is a fund to help the launch of these companies,” said Zuckerberg.

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