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Flash CS3 Tutorial | Google Analytics & Flash content

Carlos Pinho
By | 2008-04-09T10:30:43+00:00 Apr 9, 2008|Old Posts|

Last week Tiago has been asked a few times how to use the google analytics code with a flash project, the solution is actually pretty simple but very effective, while google provides you with some “help content” it proves itself that the help page they have is quite hmm.. useless.. You don’t want to show the viewer of your application that you are sending data to google by opening a new webpage.. yuk..

  1. First it’s not how you should do it
  2. Second there are better solutions to achieve the same result without having pop-up’s appearing all over the place.

Read the tutorial and download source files

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Carlos Pinho
A father, a husband and a geek... Carlos was the founder of projects like The Tech Labs and Flash Enabled Blog. He is the founder of TekTuts He is passionate about technologies. Their main skills are in analytics, transport & logistics, business administration. He also writes about programming resources, trends, strategy and web development.

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  1. mattprzybylski April 9, 2008 at 4:17 pm - Reply

    I had also written an article about this a while back with AS2/AS3 versions:

    It’s important to note that I have yet to test my code with the new Flash Player and if you follow along the comments in that article you will end up at Corban’s article. His is a very nice and elegant approach to doing it with External Interface.

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