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Tutorials | Flash/AS3 Tutorials Roundup

Carlos Pinho
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I’m sorry about not posting so regular as before, although last days have been too busy and dark for me. My car was destroyed in an accident, and my uncle died. The unique good thing on the last days was my daugter birthday 😉 I’m expecting to keep busy in the next days to organize my work, and to provide some changes on the Flash Enabled Blog and The Tech Labs. I will tell you soon, which changes am i speaking.

Now, let’s see some good tutorials on Flash/AS3, covering 3D, file communication, trygonometry and much other usefull subjects.

Wave Theory in ActionScript 3

Zoom Website via Actionscript 3

Talking to Twitter via Actionscript 3.0

3D Basics

How to communicate between multiple Flash files with LocalConnection

Trigonometry for Flash: A Visual Reference

Scalable Mathematical Expressions and the ScrollPane Component

Actionscript Key Listener

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