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Flowplayer – Feature-rich video player

Carlos Pinho
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Recently, I work on a web design project and need to have a video player. I have try some video player before and they are pain to use. Some are difficult to use and some are leak of features. Last, my friend introduces a player to me – flowplayer.


It is really easy to setup. For a basic player, I just need 3 lines in the html and the player is ready on my site. I don’t need open my flaah and compile and deal with the programming.

Easy to use, just the starter. It also provides dozen of plug-ins to enhance the features of the player. By plug-ins, you can customize your control bar style, add caption in your video, have your own logo, etc. I really love the playlist plug-in, it allow me to put multiple video on one page with a easy setup. For other player, I need to do a lot of work to achieve this function.

Flowplayer included much more features – RTMP support, extend with scripting, etc. And it is open source which allow you to free download and use in non-commercial project. I can’t include all features in this short article. You can visit for more information.

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