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Flowplayer – The new Free video player for web

Carlos Pinho
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Flowplayer - The new Free video player for web

FlowPlayer is a Flash media player. You can use it on your HTML pages to play video files. “It is your personal YouTube”. The FP is released under the GPL 3 license for non-commercial use, so it’s free. Some of the features are:

Support for multiple media
FLV, SWF, MP3, MP4, H.264 video, JPG and PNG
Flexible configuration
FlowPlayer has tons of configuration options. You can immediately start with the defaults and start tweaking with the options.
Progressive download
The simplest way to provide Flash video to your users. This is how YouTube does it.
FlowPlayer supports streaming servers like the Flash Media Server, Wowza and Red5, allowing random seeking to arbitrary positions in the video timeline.
Provide quick access to specific chapters in a long lasting movie
Control several videos in one player instance. Or ombine multiple videos as one stream with the help of a streaming server. You can also include images in playlists.
Scripting API
Control the player with JavaScript and from other Flash movies.
Prevention of inline linking
Protection against hotlinking or direct linking of video and image files.
Advertising support
Player allows insertion of advertising in the video stream. Video controls can be disabled for a specific clip. You can have hyperlinks assigned to an advertising clip.
Full screen mode
A real fullscreen mode without maximized browser windows. You can also make you own in-window fullscreens with scripting if you like.
Check and download

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