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Frameworks | AS3 Maps API’s Roundup

Carlos Pinho
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Google has recently launched the AS3 version their well know Maps API, increasing the number of available AS3 maps API. In order to give a clear picture of the available maps API at this moment i decided today to create this list so you can choose which best fit your needs. BTW, if you know more than those referenced, just drop me a line and i will be glad to add it to the list.

Google Maps API (AS3)

The API provides a number of utilities for manipulating maps (just like on the web page) and adding content to the map through a variety of services, allowing you to create robust maps applications on your website.

Mappr (AS3)

Mappr is a service and application that combines images from Flickr with geolocational information. The Mappr ActionScript 3.0 API gives you access to Mappr’s geo-tagged image data.

Mapquest API (AS3)

Our APIs are built specifically for Adobe® Flex™, Flash™, and ActionScript™; C++; Java™; JavaScript™; and .NET.

Yahoo! Maps API (AS3)

The all-new Yahoo! Maps component for Flash and Flex 3 enables you to add a map to a wide range of web and desktop applications. Included in the API is support for other Yahoo! APIs including geocoding, local search and traffic APIs along with an advanced marker and overlay system to allow you to easily render geo-data on the map.

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