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Frameworks | Papervision 3D Web Roundup – Tutorials and Sources

Carlos Pinho
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Flash 3D engines brought to Internet a new dimension to designers present their work. Great works were made since Papervision 3D and other know 3D engines appeared. Today i bring you some cool stuff, that you can use in your own projects. If you don’t know yet how to start with Papervision 3d you might want to have a look to our tutorials page.

Quaternions in Papervision3D

Pixel precision in Papervision3D

Changing a cube’s material dynamically in Papervision3D

Using Papervision3D with FlashDevelop 3

Casting Shadows In Papervision3D – Redux

3D Ribbons in Papervision

Using particles to fill dynamic content in 3D

Papervision 2.0 Effects Tutorial

Understanding zoom, focus and field of view in Papervision3D

14 Papervision 3D Examples with Source by Dehash

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