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Gaia – A front-end Flash Framework – AS2 and AS3

Carlos Pinho
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Gaia - Flash Framework

Did you ever though how to save time, building your flash site? Then Gaia is the right tool for you.
What is Gaia?

Gaia is a front-end Flash Framework for AS2 and AS3 and is designed to dramatically reduce development time.

Gaia is targeted at anyone who develops Flash sites. It provides solutions to the challenges and repeated tasks we all face with front-end Flash site development, such as navigation, transitions, preloading, asset management, site structure and deep linking. It provides speed and flexibility in your workflow and a simple API that gives you access to its powerful features.

Most Flash frameworks are back-end frameworks, or require senior level coding experience to use. Gaia is different because it focuses on front-end development. It is easy enough for novice Flash developers, yet powerful enough that advanced coders can use it without feeling limited.

Gaia is tightly focused on helping you do your job without getting in your way. It is flexible enough to enable you to work the way you like to work without forcing you to change your style. Whether you write everything in strictly-typed classes, hack on the timeline or anywhere in between, Gaia helps you get the job done.

Just take a look to this video, and see what is possible to do with this awesome framework.

Visit Gaia Site, and download the framework here.

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