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Gaia Flash Framework 2.0.7 beta 1

Carlos Pinho
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Gaia Steven Sacks released the Gaia 2.0.7 beta 1 today. If you don’t what is Gaia, then read this post and see what you are missing. For the people that already know Gaia, just some more words on the new features:

2.0.7 Beta 1 Overview
This beta build is to test new functionality in the Gaia panel.  There is now a Settings tab which allows you to set the Template Transition Style and rename the work folders.  These settings values are saved in a SharedObject so it will remember your preferred settings from session to session.

Template Transition Styles
Prior to Scaffolding, you can choose a Template Transition Style.  You can also change styles between multiple scaffolds on the same project, if you like.

  • Timeline: This is the default style Gaia currently uses.  It has “in” and “out” frames on the timeline.
  • Actionscript: This makes a single frame Flash file and uses Actionscript in the Page class file to transition.

Rename Work Folders
You can now rename the src and deploy folders to whatever you like.  Only alphanumeric and underscores are accepted to ensure there are no issues with saving and publishing.  Folder names must have a minimum of one character.  If you clear out the input fields, Gaia will default to src and deploy.

Download beta

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