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Goodbye MXNA, Hello Adobe Feeds

Carlos Pinho
By | 2008-05-06T10:48:35+00:00 May 6, 2008|Old Posts|

Adobe Feeds

MXNA now is Adobe Feeds, and it’s working very very fine. Now no waiting time to load pages. The main reason? Because Ben Forta, Christian Cantrell, Mike Chambers and Jonathan Wall moved the great MXNA from one single server to the big Adobe feeds which is using seven servers. Thank you all for this awesome work, you did during these 2 weeks.

Ted Patrick give us a clear picture of what have changed on the new architecture of the aggregator:

1 – Load Balancer
5 – Apache + CF8 Clustered
1 – Database Server MYSQL
1 – Feed Aggregation Server (reads all RSS and populates database)


1 – CF6 + MYSQL + Apache

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