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Hosting your Website? Don’t get the cheap one, get the best for your project

Carlos Pinho
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In the past i faced some problems with some hosting providers. Some because were down several times, other because decided to raise their prices, sql database problems and so on.
When for the first time I hosted my first project, I even didn’t notice what should I consider prior to choose the right hosting provider. Nowadays things like these became easier, specially, because we can find web hosting rating sites, where we are able to find such information. But even better than that, is the possibility to hear the opinion from other people which use or used certain web hosting provider.


You should evaluate whether a simple and cheap web hosting plan would be enough for your personal site, or a dedicated server would fit better your business, despite the high value you must pay for it. As, on the other hand would be more reliable, and would support a wider range of demanding resources to support your own server.
You can compare the prices, if you are not considering to spend too much money, or bandwidth and storage space, if your aim is to set a project requiring big amounts of data, or choose between .net or php depending on which do you feel more comfortable or your project platform requirements.
Last but not the least, if you are seeking for protect the world, or reduce the indirect production of CO2, or if your company / corporation applied some environment policies, you might want to consider the right green hosting for your company.

Choosing a web hosting provider is easy but requires time. You should consider first, several topics like, what does your project need, whether would produce big amount of traffic, or what kind of content will you be publishing. Sometimes, money is not the most important. If you are just deploying a small website, bear in mind that more than big amounts of storage (you will never use), maybe a reliable support 24/7 would be more important.

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Carlos Pinho
A father, a husband and a geek... Carlos was the founder of projects like The Tech Labs and Flash Enabled Blog. He is the founder of TekTuts He is passionate about technologies. Their main skills are in analytics, transport & logistics, business administration. He also writes about programming resources, trends, strategy and web development.


  1. chyneclicks May 6, 2009 at 7:04 am - Reply

    I agree that if you want a success in your business why settle for cheap web hosting if you can afford to get the best and the web hosting account that is affordable web hosting in your budget that gives your business a great service.

  2. Custom Website Design May 8, 2009 at 11:16 am - Reply

    Very nice read. Thank you for the information.

  3. I know there is a tendency to go for the cheapest and then regret it later. Am guilty of it myself. However I learnt my lesson fast and now I make sure that the hosts I get are the people who can actually deliver what they say. I feel as long as you do your home work well you will get the best service at the best price possible.

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