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Light weight flash/flex logger

Carlos Pinho
By | 2009-03-09T10:32:15+00:00 Mar 9, 2009|Old Posts|


If you need to work with action script in flash and flex, you may have used the build-in debugger for logging your trace message.

But the build-in debugger is not good to read.

Today,  i find a logger seem suit my need. It is called ThunderBolt AS3, which is a lightweight logger extension for Flex 3-4, AIR and Flash 9-10 applications.

It can log your message with firebug or the ThunderBolt AS3 Console

Highlighted features:

1. Support logging to firebug console

2. Logging of package names + class names + code line numbers

3. With ThunderBolt AS3 Console air application

Check more about the new version.

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