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New Bitrix Site Manager Version 6.5: Web 2.0 style

Carlos Pinho
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BitrixBitrix, Inc. is proud to announce the release of Bitrix Site Manager CMS V6.5, a new version filled with marvelous enhancements and new leading-edge features, including Web 2.0 tools, site wizards, Web services, photo gallery and other utilities. Bitrix Site Manager is a Web content management system that provides stable functionality and security, and promotes cost-effective growth of clients’ Internet projects.

“The new version of Bitrix Site Manager now implements technologies which make building Web 2.0 sites a breeze,” says Sergey Rizhikov, CEO of Bitrix, Inc. “Bitrix Site Manager 6.5 makes it easy to configure your Web site according to the required tasks.

Web 2.0 functionality includes:

  • Tag cloud
  • Web Services (SOAP)
  • Customizable interface
  • AJAX in Control Panel
  • AJAX in the public section
  • Enhanced forum and blog communities

Tag Cloud

The Search module functionality has been enhanced with the addition of a tag cloud feature in Bitrix Site Manager. Site visitors can now search in news, forums, blogs, documents and any other site content using standard search option and tags. Essentially, indexing is performed by text and/or tags if they exist. A tag cloud acts as a point of access to the search engine to find content by tags.

Web Services (SOAP)

The new Web Services module can be especially useful for integration with applications that already exist in a company information environment, or external solutions. It helps developers to create new or integrate existing Web services.

Site Configuration Wizards

Bitrix Site Manager 6.5 makes it easy to configure your Web site according to task requirements. With the site wizards, any non-technical user can set up their Web site in a very simple way. Users can now choose the layout, design, and colors, specify initial data such as company name, contacts, logo, and more.

Delivery Service Automation

Bitrix Site Manager is now empowered with the support of well-known delivery services such as UPS, DHL, and AmEx. The automated service calculates the delivery fees using DHL, AmEx and UPS site data.

Other features include: Gradual Update System, Information Blocks Import and Export, Extensions to Access Permission Policy
, Quoting Disk Space for Project, Custom Properties, and Photo Gallery 2.0.

More information about new features can be found at:

All updates have been thoroughly tested for security vulnerabilities. All users of version 6.0 and previous versions can update their systems using SiteUpdate to version 6.5.

About Bitrix
Bitrix, Inc. specializes in the development of Content Management Systems (CMS) and portal solutions for managing Web projects and multifunctional information systems on the Internet. Bitrix specialists, by their considerable efforts and skill, developed the Bitrix Site Manager software — a standalone application that provides complex Web solutions. This software tech-corp was established in 1998 by a group of IT specialists. Bitrix continues to hold a leading position in the Web development market, always offering high-standard solutions to its clients and partners.

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