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New MOBiLE Open Source CMS – Jet Multimedia – Free, Free, Free!!!

Carlos Pinho
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Jet Multimedia is 1 player in the market of mobile marketing to bring its expertise available to the developer community to accelerate the delivery of online services and thus mobile market development.
Taking into account the basic trend of large companies to put online sites for mobile phones (including WAP sites) and looking closely at the emerging off portal, Jet Multimedia has decided to publish its expertise in application platforms mobile by making available the version 1 of its CMS from the open source community. Designed and developed by Jet Multimedia natively for mobile services, easy to install, easy to administer and stable, the CMS Mobile Huria is distributed under the GPL and available on the following website:

Un package CMS permettant de démarrer rapidement A CMS package for a quick start
Simple and easy to use for the deployment of Mobile Internet sites, the CMS mobile Jet Multimedia ability to post quickly and at low cost mobile services as well as manage the entire contents of the website Mobile from an administration interface. The version 1, delivered in the form of installation package, comprising:

• a back office of administration to manage the various parameters of the site (including graphic chart)
• a component for creating a tree of pages
• a component to edit and publish pages optimized for mobile phones
• A recognition module mobile (make, model, features)
• A rendering module (adapting content to mobile phone)

Everything moves freely on the server of his choice type LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

A logical accompaniment oriented developers and users
To support a community development around this CMS, Jet Multimedia France also provides a forum in which he provides leadership to provide information, support both for developers wishing to add the tool to users or the advertiser implementing to create their own institutional mobile services, event or mark.

Side developers, the CMS mobile Huria enable them to control the entry and exit of content with an interface to control the appearance and the release of all the pages, to completely separate the content of the form and disseminate the contents in various formats automatically. Finally, and most importantly, the creation and management of content are made available to every user. This enables developers to focus on improving the system rather than on updating the content.

A vision for the future
Technical Supplier of online services for over 18 years, facilitator of mobile services in particular, Jet Multimedia affirms its position as the market leader in mobile marketing being a major player in its acceleration. Indeed, by making available for free a brick open source technology allowing companies to develop and online mobile services so quick and simple, Jet Multimedia intends to participate very actively in the democratization of the use of the mobile internet both by individuals and by the professionals.

“Through this strategic decision, Jet Multimedia confirms its intention to simplify the creation and deployment of on-line services and to unite a community of developers, in order to accelerate market development of mobile marketing.” affirme Axel Mery, Responsable Mobilité. Says Axel Mery, Head Mobility.

“Being 1 player in the market of mobile marketing to make available its expertise in mobile services, Jet Multimedia confirms its position as leader in online services,” says Azim MITHA, CEO.

About Jet Multimedia France –
Jet Multimédia France appartient au groupe Jet Multimédia, filiale de l’opérateur neuf cegetel. Jet Multimedia France belongs to the group Jet Multimedia, a subsidiary of the operator nine cegetel. Fondé en 1989, le groupe est coté sur Euronext Paris depuis 1996, emploie plus de 650 personnes et a réalisé en 2006 un chiffre d’affaires consolidé de 270 M€. Founded in 1989, the Group is listed on Euronext Paris since 1996, employs more than 650 people and in 2006 achieved a consolidated turnover of € 270 million.

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