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Nvidia To Add PhysX Support via Software Update

Carlos Pinho
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Nvidia Ageia

Recently, Nvidia bought Ageia, the manufacturer of the PhysX cards, and the deal was quickly confirmed by the the government. Now that the deal is official, Nvidia has started to reveal it’s plans for the companies. One of the major plans that the company revealed in a conference call is to update all the current 8-series Nvidia cards for support for PhysX via a software update.This is a pretty cool feature to give previous owners this functionality. Nvidia also plans to add some more hardware features for PhysX support to their cards in the future.

Just in case you don’t know, the PhysX technology is used to make physics in video games seem much more realistic by dedicating a processor and memory for calculating the physics. Since the only people that buy these cards are gamers and most people that buy high-end video cards are also gamers, it seems like a perfect merger.


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