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Papervision 3D Tutorials (with Videos)

Carlos Pinho
By | 2008-02-20T17:02:02+00:00 Feb 20, 2008|Old Posts|

As everyone is seeking for Papervision tutorials, here are a couple of them, released by Jim Foley at Mad Vertices Blog.

Papervision 3D Core Training:
• PV3D “Setting Up” : View
• PV3D Intro – Hello World (I) : View
• PV3D Material Basics (II) : View
• PV3D Primitives (III) : View
• Swift 3D & PV3D (IV) : View
• PV3D Collada (DAE Files (V) : View
• PV3D Object Properties & Interactivity (VI) : View
• Animation using Tweener (VII) : View
• Applying Shader Materials (VIII) : View

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