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Review – Gadget Advisor

Carlos Pinho
By | 2008-10-26T19:40:08+00:00 Oct 26, 2008|Old Posts|

The best way to find what the others think about some kind of product are the blogs. In the last days i’ve discover a new cool site where you can find reviews about the latest releases on the tech world.

The Gadget Advisor is not intended to list every piece of news every day, but to give you a clear picture of the best choices on the new product releases and usefull available tools so you can achieve a better result on your daily tasks by getting the best products. Instead of searching around the web, reviews on different products, such as the best firefox extensions, you will be able to read a full review on the same place.

You avoid to going through page by page, searching for unuseful stuff, and getting only what you need. From computer hardware or software, gadgets, and tech news, you will be able to find everything here.

They have also a cool extension on firefox, the Google Cache Checker, which displays a checkmark icon if the current page is Google cached. If it is not, the extension displays a red X.  This makes it very quick and convenient to see if a page is Google indexed. For example, if you’re visiting a directory to see about submitting, you can see if the page you’re going to be submitting into is indexed.

Regarding the software reviews, i found one about Blaze Media Pro All in One, which gives a clear information about the value of the program and all the available features.

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