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Review | PSD to HTML by

Carlos Pinho
By | 2008-05-31T00:45:55+00:00 May 31, 2008|Old Posts|

You have a project in the hands, and running against time? Or do not you feel at ease by coding? No need to do everything yourself. A service like may be the solution to your problem. The PSD2HTML was the first service to be set up offering the conversion of PSD or PNG files to html or derivatives. What does this mean? For example, you have a layout done in Photoshop which you want to be the basis of your website or blog. What they do, is to convert the PSD file in (X) HTML with CSS-Code. Among many options available, you can also request for the implementation to a CMS or Blog, such as WordPress, which allows you to save considerable time in this hard work.

Now you ask me, “but why should I hire a service to PSD2HTML instead to a freelancer?” Well, you have two answers to this, firstly because normally the freelancers are just asking few money for a hard work, may be doubtful about their professionalism. In the other hand, if they are recognized, then they are usually very expensive. Although PSD2HTML is a company that is on the market longer than any other, and with proven both in quality and professionalism at a reduced cost. The second reason is communication. If you try to reach a freelancer by e-mail, you must wait and hope to receive is answer back. Instead PSD2HTML offers an area to which customers can communicate not only with a single person, but with the whole team, thus ensuring a more accurate and quick response to your needs.

However, if you still have some doubts maybe you want see some examples of their excellent work, as at the figure below.

To summarize, if the CSS is not your strong or if you have a lot of work but little time, the PSD to HTML by can be a great help and make the difference.

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