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Revver | A different video network

Carlos Pinho
By | 2008-04-04T14:58:48+00:00 Apr 4, 2008|Old Posts|

As you know in the last years, broadband connections have been increasing worldwide. As a result of this, the web content start to be shared among the world in audio and video.Video Networks as Youtube appeared, and the Internet was anymore the same. Naturally that as happens in the TV, the video feature gave to the advertising companies a new tool to spread their products among the world. In this little article i bring you a different video network. Why is different? First, because Revver is the only video network that pays to the video creators/owners and sharers. So if you create a video, and put it in your blog, we are earning money by doing that. Moreover, to earn money the viewer don’t need necessarily to click a ad, as the views are also counted. Second, Revver offers you a nice feature, as it lets you to customize your own player with your logo and wording. As you can check in some of my previouse video tutorials posts, the player i used was showing the Flash Enabled logo.

Where to go from here? To Revver, sign up, upload your videos and start earning.

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