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Ribbit – Killer App Challenge – And the winners are…

Carlos Pinho
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ribbitlogoRibbit is an open platform for communication innovation, bringing together the Internet, voice and data to form a new world of intelligent, integrated communication solutions. We see a future where rich voice and data travels seamlessly across devices, networks, carriers and protocols to create a better informed and more connected world. Ribbit was created to accelerate that future.

BT/Ribbit announced the winners of its Killer App Challenge, an international contest to challenge its 12,000+ developer community to build a “killer app” on the Ribbit Communication Platform. Claiming $100,000 in prize money, the winners represent the best voiceware applications that bridge mobile and the web – for both the consumer and enterprise.

And the winners are…


Here is their press release with Ribbit released:


Winners Demonstrate Innovation, Creativity in Key Business

and Consumer Voiceware Categories

Built on the Ribbit Communications Platform, Applications

Bridge Mobile and Web

SAN FRANCISCO – March 31, 2009 – Ribbit, a BT company, today announced the winning voiceware applications in the $100,000 Killer App Challenge, leading innovation and creativity in five key categories for the consumer and enterprise. The Killer App Challenge offered developers around the world the chance to create the next leading edge applications on the Ribbit open communications platform for integrating voice communications into applications, web sites, and communities.

Unlike platforms such as Apple or Google, applications built on Ribbit are not confined to a “walled garden” – a single carrier, device or operating system – and can bridge the mobile/web experience for consumer and enterprise use. Through the Ribbit-BT partnership, developers gain unprecedented access to a global telecom infrastructure, and can quickly and easily build new voiceware applications, without being locked to a specific carrier, network or device – an industry first.

“Ribbit is drawing elite developers from around the world who understand they can now quickly enhance applications and optimize business processes with rich, integrated communication features,” said Raymond Lee, Director of Strategy and Business Development for Ribbit. “By directly integrating voice and communication, developers are now able to bring new levels of innovation, efficiency and value to their customers. We couldn’t be more pleased by the range of creative applications our developer community has presented.”


Nearly 500 developers from over 30 countries participated in the Killer App Challenge. Selected from nearly 150 applications, the winners of the Ribbit Killer App Challenge are:

Lucid Viewer (Grand Prize winner) Media, Advertising & Entertainment Category: Lucid Viewer is an authoring tool designed to empower artists and entrepreneurs with the ability to explore and create immersive experiences, and creating a new level of engagement between consumers and businesses. Lucid Viewer is royalty free and requires only a one-time license fee. For more information, please visit

Save a LifeSocial Networking & Communication Category: Save a Life creates contact-on-demand access to an entire social networking community. With Save a Life, a community member with an urgent need to reach the entire membership or a segment of the community by phone can eliminate the need to look up phone numbers. Mashing up Ribbit, Yahoo Maps, and Google Calendar, Save a Life can be used for such applications as an emergency donation campaign or an emergency dispatch service. For information on Save a Life, please visit

Sugared FrogBusiness & Productivity Category: Sugared Frog integrates Ribbit with SugarCRM to integrate voice into the SugarCRM workflow. With Sugared Frog, salespeople can dictate notes and memos using their mobile phones and have them automatically flow into SugarCRM and their email inboxes. They can store and organize voicemail as email in SugarCRM, with messages mapped to leads, contacts, and in-progress deals. And all voice messages are delivered as SMS or email so salespeople can respond or forward immediately without dialing into voicemail. To view the demo, please go to and use the Sugar login ‘jim’ with the password ‘jim’.

SimplePhoneCarrier, Network, or ISP Integration Category: SimplePhone is a desktop-based Adobe Air phone application that allows callers to place voice calls using a computer microphone. It integrates with the Broadsoft Xtended platform and in partnership with SimpleSignal to configure various services. You may get a closer look at SimplePhone by visiting

Control Your Home, Anywhere, Anytime (‘CYHAA’) – Breakthrough Category: Currently still a prototype, Control Your Home, Anywhere, Anytime, will allow users to “phone home” to access and control thermostats, appliances, security systems and more through voice commands. It will create a foundation for other voice-controlled applications for both consumers and enterprises. For a video demonstration of CYHAA, please visit

“With a developer community over 12,000 strong, so many of the amazing applications built using Ribbit’s rich communications service remain un-exposed to the public,” said Chuck Freedman, Director of Developer Platform at Ribbit. “The Killer App Challenge hasn’t just exposed what’s actually built on the platform, but showcases the incredible talent of many developers in our community.”

Ribbit developers retain full ownership of their applications, including those participating in the Killer App Challenge. Although non-winning, many of the submitted applications demonstrated key business and consumer values, and are expected to come market in the near future with support from Ribbit.


“Working with the Ribbit platform, and integrating voice into Lucid Viewer was really a very straightforward process, and it was accomplished in a very short timeframe when you consider what it’s capable of,” said Jason Villmer, creator of Killer App Challenge grand prize-winning application, Lucid Viewer. “With Ribbit, I finally have a bridge between the virtual and real worlds. The marrying of the Ribbit and Lucid Platforms will change the way people think, create and communicate.”

“Life-saving blood donations and supplies are a complicated issue,” said Romin K. Irani, creator of Save a Life. “Winning the Ribbit Killer App Challenge will allow me to further develop Save a Life — pairing the “need” location with the communication and life-saving supply-side efforts of numerous dislocated agencies — initially in India, where we know the key organizations, and then globally. The Ribbit platform not only helps streamline the supply and dynamic notification processes, but empowers individuals to more easily get involved in making these life-saving interactions.”

The Ribbit communications platform – a carrier-grade telephony-plus-software infrastructure with a global community of 12,000-plus application developers – is enabling people and businesses to completely rethink the way they communicate. By treating voice as a data object, Ribbit lets developers add feature-rich voice capabilities to any application, on any device – capabilities such as updating records by phone, integrating voice and messages into a single workflow, and initiating many automated processes via voice command. For more information on becoming a Ribbit developer, visit the Ribbit Developer Community at

“Our goal has always been to put out an innovative platform which allows developers to enhance their applications with Ribbit in the most logical and efficient way,” said Freedman. “Hearing that the winning developers were up and running, and in some cases, fully integrated with Ribbit in under 20 minutes, really validates what we set out to do. We’ll take great pride seeing these applications deployed by the winning developers as revenue generating and community improving applications.”


Ribbit is an open platform for communication innovation, bringing together the Internet, voice and data to form a new world of intelligent, integrated communication solutions. We see a future where rich voice and data travels seamlessly across devices, networks, carriers and protocols to create a better informed and more connected world. Ribbit was created to accelerate that future.

Ribbit is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. Ribbit is a wholly owned subsidiary of BT. For more information about Ribbit, please visit

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