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Showcase | Real Life Application using 3D in Flash

Carlos Pinho
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Twingo Total Perso

Very good example for real application by using 3d in flash. You can view different model in realtime 3d and customize it. Smooth and easy to use.

Developpers: Florian Garcia, Florian Bernard, Mikael Bouchez and Bertrand Larrieu aka lab9.

Eco Zoo

I think this is the most attentional 3D flash work around the web  these few months. Smooth animation and control. Combine with several eye catching effect such as depth-of-field, real time physic animation ( leaf on the top). And each section is divided into several scenes and with a smooth transition. This amazing 3d flash example is develop by a japanese flash genius Roxi.


You may try some baby maker program on the web recently.  The Babymaker3000 remake the traditional 2d babymaker with 3d in flash. you can try, it really bring you a life baby. This great site is brought us by crispin poster + bogusky.

Results Simulator

Another example for great use of 3d in flash. Create by Blitz. If this similator is done by tranditional table and gird, i think not much people have interest to try. But by using a 3d intrface, all the things go life. Even if you don’t know what is NASCAR, you willing to try and play with this web.

After 3d become a standard in Flash CS4, More creative use of 3d in flash will out. Do you have more real life example of 3D flash?

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