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Showcase | Top Flash Tutorials Sites

Carlos Pinho
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Some people asked me where do i find information about flash and tutorials. In this post i will show you some of the best sites nowadays that i check daily.

The Tech Labs is a blog/tutorial site for web designers and developers that run tutorials on technologies, skills and techniques to improve how you design and build websites. They cover Air, Flash and Flex.

Kirupa is one of the most well know flash tutorials sites due to their excellent tutorials and explanations.

The Lee Brimelow video tutorials sites. Lee is a Flash genius and don’t need presentations. Maybe one of the Flash Tutorials Site ever.

Another very nice tutorial site, with a big community which can help you solving your bugs through their forums. is a Flash tutorials site, built for you to learn easily how to create cool Flash sites. You will find how to make cool flash effects, step-by-step

A growing collection of ActionScript 3.0 and Flash CS3 tutorials, some were prepared with a mathematics and science educator in mind but a great majority are of interest to all Flash developers.

Ultrashock it’s not only a tutorial site. You can find also other information such as industry news, forums and interviews and much more.

At Flash Magazine you will find great product reviews as also the main industry news. They present also great tutorials on Flash.

A good site for everyone. I mean, they present tutorials from basics up to advanced Flashers.

In this nice site you will find a big collection of tutorials, from effects to navigation and interfaces on Flash.

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