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SHU | Increase the power of your Adobe AIR applications

Carlos Pinho
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SHU | Increase the power of your Adobe AIR applications

Shu enables you to increase the power and reach of Adobe AIR. With Shu your AIR applications can quickly be converted into standalone applications to run on PC or Mac machines without the AIR runtime installed! Shu applications can also be run from a CD or network share and do not require installation.

In addition Shu provides you the developer with a toolkit of commands to extend the system capabilities of your AIR application, features include, controlling external applications, opening external files, database connectivity and control, system path retrieval and screen capture functionality. With Shu you can now truly harness the power of your AIR applications from the desktop and beyond!

With this tollkit you are able to skip following drawbacks:

  • AIR applications must be installed in order to run.
  • AIR applications will only run on a machine with the AIR runtime installed
  • AIR applications can not be run directly from a CD
  • AIR applications can not open files such as word documents or PDFs
  • AIR applications can not execute other applications
  • AIR application can only make use of the built in SQLite database

This toolkit is very impressive, although in my opinion the settled price is somewhat high, £250, about EUR 315 / USD 500, attending that the Adobe Flash costs around USD 700 and is one of the main applications.

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