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Some cool AS3 effects to your Flash movies

Carlos Pinho
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Here are some of the best effects available to insert on your flash movies. These kind of effects gives to your work a nice look, as also saves you lot of time, as no code is necessary to implement it. These effects are a nice tool for Pro dev, as also for beginners.

Rain Drop Water Effect

The ‘Rain Drop Effect’ transforms your image into an amazing water surface. It can ‘rain’ on your picture or the drops can follow the mouse courser. Click on ‘Demo Flashmovie’ to test this effect.
Mask Transition EffectWith this effect your transitions go trough an amazing pixilation process making this a unique effect..
Blur EffectGet a blurry transition between one picture and the next.
The “TV fuzz effect” make your transitions appear like you look at them in a broken TV set. With the adjustable settings you can make this YOUR effect…
Pixelation EffectWith this effect your transitions go trough an amazing pixilation process making this a unique effect. Just try it for yourself.
Water Reflection EffectFinally an easy way to mirror your MovieClip in Flash 8! And this is not it: you can even easily create waves in the mirror image so it appears like surface of the water.
Page Flip EffectTo make image transition look like flipping through a book just use the “Page Flip Effect”. With the various adjustable settings you can make this effect fit in perfectly into your project.
Radar EffectIf you want to make your transitions look like on a radar screen you should get the free “Radar Effect”. Use can use all features of this effect for commercial or private use free of charge.
Lens EffectUse the “Lens Effect” to magnify parts of your image in a very easy way: You can either apply the lens to parts of the picture or let the lens follow the mouse courser. For a preview click “Try yourself“.
Swirl EffectThis unique effect spins from one image to the next making this a never seen before transition in Flash 8.
Wobble EffectShake up your transition with this Genie-like effects. You can set the parameters for this rare filter so you can use it easily with your existing project.
Tile Transition EffectNow you can create a transition which brakes up your image into spinning squares to create a new picture. Simply apply this component on your Flash Timeline or ActionScript to instantly create a .swf file, which can be used on all existing projects.
Heat Haze EffectIn order to get a hazy effect on an image, or selected sections of it, download the “Heat Haze Effect”. Whether you are using ‘Flash 8’ or ‘Flash CS3’ this component is the easiest way to manipulate your image to apply a heat filter on your picture.
Waving Flag EffectCreating wave effects on any banner animations has never been easier. Compatible with ‘Flash 8’ or ‘Flash CS3’ this “Waving Flag Effect” instantly applies a filter on any image that makes it look like it is blowing in the wind.
Drain Transition EffectThis very unique component for ‘Flash 8’ or ‘Flash CS3’ easily creates an image transition which looks like the original image is being ‘sucked in’ and pushed out to create a second picture.

Flap Transition Effect

In order to create a changeover of images where the original is folding to create a new image, just download the “Flap Transition Effect”. It can easily be applied to the Flash Timeline an ActionScript using Windows or Mac OSX and does not require any additional programming work.

How To Implement via Timeline

Use the filters directly on the timeline – it’s easy to use and gives instant results.

Step 1

Make sure the component is installed properly.

Step 2

Open the component panel and click on the upper right had corner and select “reload”.

reload the component panel

Step 3

Drag the component out of the component panel and drop it into the library of your project.

drag to component into the fla libary

Step 4

Create a new layer for the filter.

create layer for filter

Step 5

Drag your component out of the library and drop it on the newly created layer.

drag component on layer

Step 6

Open the component inspector panel.

open component panel

Step 7

When you click on the component you’ve just added to the layer you will find the preferences for his effect. The script automatically recognizes the movie clips that are in the same frame as the component. You can set those as “Target MovieClip” (or for some components “Start MovieClip” and “End MovieClip”).

You can find the different parameters for each component on the relevant page for the filter.

select parameter in compoment inspector panel

Step 8

Export the flash movie and adjust the parameters for the effect if needed.

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