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Tutorial – Creating a Flash Lite Game

Carlos Pinho
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Flash Lite Tutorial

Making rich media for mobile consumption has never been easier since the release of the Flash Lite player for mobile devices. You can make a vector graphics game that could be played on any device regardless of its operating system or screen resolution easily as long as that device is equipped with the Flash Lite player – and lets not forget that you can play that game on a PC as well without using any emulators because the file is still a Flash movie that could be played on the Flash Player.

This tutorial will teach you how to create a Flash Lite game playable on the Flash Lite Player version 1.1 – one of the earliest versions and most restricted, but the most widely spread version as well. Our basic game could be created without using the advanced features provided in later versions. Adopting Flash Lite 1.1 will guarantee that the game will be compatible with the largest possible number of Flash Lite powered devices.

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