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Tutorial | How to Skin a Flex Video Player (Video Tutorials)

Carlos Pinho
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Tutorial | How to skin a Flex Video Player

Dolores Joya has created small video tutorials for creating Flex skins from Photoshop. This training is meant to give insight into the process of using the Flex interface to implement a Design from Mock-Up into a Production like workflow.

1. Create a New Flex Project
2. Make New Folders to Store Design Assets
3. Save Images from Photoshop for Button Background
4. Save Images from Photoshop for Embedded Button Icons
5. Copy New Images and Video to Flex Project
6. Create a New Base UI Layout
7. Add Image to the Background and Header
8. Bring in the FLV Video
9. Set Up a New CSS Stylesheet in Flex and Link to It
10. Make a New Style for the Flex Button Component
11. Assign Your New Style to Flex Component
12. Add a Border to Your Design
13. Test Project Turn Off the Scrollbars for the Flex Component

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