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Tutorials | 4 Matte Painting: How to Awesome articles

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Digital matte painting - Tutorial 1

A dark art or simply a craft to be mastered? Whatever your preconceptions, these tips from five world-class matte painters and 3D World should guide you towards the light…

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The challenge in this tutorial was to show the museum in a future destroyed world. A plate was provided and the contest had 3 major steps: cleaning the plate, make a set extension about 50% bigger than the provided plate and finally the mattepaint.

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Among the many special effects techniques that are used in the film industry, matte painting is the cheapest solution. It is also the most commonly used when it is necessary to put in a decor that does not exist.

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Matte painting master Sarel Theron reveals how you can create a photo-realistic 3D scene from a 2D image in a matter of minutes.

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