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Tutorials | Developing, Extending and Styling Flex Components

Carlos Pinho
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Do you want to create your own flex component? Or you simply don’t like the style of the component you need to use, or even there are some features you would like to have in your actual component? The following 5 tutorials will show how to achieve these goals.

Developing Flex Components

This tutorial aims to teach you in detail how to develop a Flex component using Actionscript classes. The object of the tutorial is to guide developers on the key steps necessary to generate a distributable Flex component in SWC format.

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Developing Flash Components for Flex

This tutorial teachs you how to create a component using the development kit for Flex. This kit may help developers add more interaction and animation effects into their flex components.

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Building an icon-checkbox component with Flex 3

This article shows how Mark Niemann-Ross learned to create a custom component based on the Flex checkbox component, and some of the tricks he learned along the way.

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Designing Flex 3 skins and styles using Creative Suite 3 and Flex Builder 3

This article provides an overview of the CS3 extensions and Flex Builder 3 features that automate the skinning and styling workflow. For more detailed descriptions of how to use the features, I’ll provide links to the appropriate documentation along the way.

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How to Skin a Flex Video Player (13 video tutorials)

A series of small snippet videos taking you through the basic process of creating this (left) Flex Skin using Photoshop. This training is meant to give insight into the process of using the Flex interface to implement a Design from Mock-Up into a Production like workflow.

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