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Tutorials | The “Making of” – Awesome!!!

Carlos Pinho
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The bellow articles will show you the behind scenes of some of the best artwork in the web.

Making Of Environment Concept

In this “making of” stepped article, you will learn some fantasy art work using matte painting techniques.

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The Making of The Decline of Babel Myth – Jacobsen War

The concept of this artwork was inspired by the famous movie Bladerunner in which, you can see amazing futuristic cityscapes. I always was fascinated by huge cities with thousand of buildings everywhere. When, I went in New York City last summer for Vacations after the Siggraph Convention in Boston, I decided to go on top of the empire State Building with my digital camera and I took hundreds of photos, from different angles. I finally chose 3 photos from of the West view of Manhattan to do this personal project during the winter season. My first idea was simply to increase the height of the foreground buildings by adding towers and antennas, but as I was working, I switched my mind and decided to add ships, far cities, bridges and new rivers.

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Temple of Nature

Shows you the creative process behind the image as well as some general guidelines and advices.

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  1. Sallyanne - Web Designer July 2, 2008 at 1:19 pm - Reply

    The concept behind these new worlds is brilliant, there is such a inner peace within the third image! It looks beautiful.

    Going to New York must have been such a fantastic journey…truely inspirational!

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