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Tutorials | The Tech Labs Roundup

Carlos Pinho
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The Tech Labs is growing, and tutorials too. This month we have published 6 new and extensive tutorials on Flash Platform. We are working to deliver more educative, extensive and quality tutorials to the comunity, and if you feel that there is a small author on you, why don’t you try to write your own tutorial and contribute to this great project? Moreover, we are paying you USD 100 per each published tutorial.

How to build a AS3 Videoplayer

Create a AS3 Slideshow with XML

How to build a contact manager in AIR using XML - Part 2

How to build a contact manager in AIR using XML – Part 2

Creating a Weather Widget with XML and AS3

Building a 3D album with FIVe3D and TweenLite

Create a AS3 MP3 Player with papervision3d spectrum display

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