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W3 Markup – Inovation is the right word!!!

Carlos Pinho
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W3 Markup - Inovation is the right word!!!

W3 Markup the creators of success blogs such as, created an innovative and creative order form for their clients. They thought in almost everything when it comes to options for customization, from providing the opportunity to the customers to set how many pages, to chosing the turnaround time for receiption of the project, going through options for layout, or even the preparation of the theme to use known scripts, such as mootools or the jQuery. They even seem to have thought about all options, including implementation in CMS or Blogs as Joomla or WordPress respectively. As if this not enough, they created an area for customers where they are able see the progress of individual requested projects and make the management of each, but better than this is the ability to comunicate directly with the team working on your projects.

Indeed the W3 Markup is an example to be followed by Web Design companies, the way approach their customers, giving them tools for easy handling, and result in sight.

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