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Wal-Mart chooses Blu-Ray, sources claim Toshiba will kill off HD DVD soon

Carlos Pinho
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According to a new report citing anonymous insider sources, Toshiba is quietly preparing to pull the plug on HD DVD.

HD DVD Toshiba

First, time Warner pulled the rug out from under Toshiba by dropping support for HD DVD to exclusively support Sony’s Blu-Ray high definition DVD format. Then Netflix and retail big box chain Best Buy pledged their support to Blu-Ray as well, with plans in place to phase out HD DVD completely later this year. Today, Wal-Mart joined the fray and announced it was going Blu, too.

It was an undeniably tough start to 2008 for the war torn HD DVD, and today it would appear the damage is irreversible: one of the sole remaining backers of the format, Toshiba, is
allegedly putting together a plan to kill off the format sometime this year.
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